A solid, easy, multipurpose dumpling recipe is indispensable, in my opinion. It can be used to top a savory meat stew, but can also transform some cooked fruit into a delicious cobbler.

This is my favourite dumpling recipe. It can easily be doubled or halved, depending on need.

Chicken stew and buttermilk dumplings – simmered covered on stove top for 35min.

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With a tip of my hat to George R. R. Martin, I introduce you to my new favourite summer drink.

One can of soda makes two drinks, so grab two glasses and make this for you and a friend!

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A year ago, July 2nd, I received the unfathomable news that my brother died. He was 35, full of life and ambition and wonderful crazy ideas, and then he was gone. Living away from both my family and where he had been living and working, made it harder to wrap my head around it all.

Our last conversation was about trivial stuff…

Our last conversation was about trivial stuff — his farm, my kids, me teasing him about needing a girl for the back of his bike. Our conversation left unfinished, hanging, waiting for him to get back from his trip and fill me in on the details.


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I’m a little late on this post — it’s been a busy and stressful few weeks with school ending for three of my four kids. I’ve been more conscious of what I’m eating and when, and trying to move more when I have the opportunity. I’m looking forward to the end of this weekend (and therefore the end of our Scout commitments, that make it hard for me to get in the regular long walks I enjoy).

This is my end of June summary:

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