20 years ago yesterday I had my first date with this guy:

Me and the Mister

Me and the Mister, Halloween 1995

We met when I misspelled his name and he flamed me —
love at first byte, and all that.

I was freshly 19, having had my birthday the month before, and we had been emailing each other for about 6 weeks. He worked at my university and I was a freshman. We met on a local newsgroup when I misspelled his name and he flamed me — love at first byte, and all that.

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As I sit here typing this, I am listening to Miss Vee — 9 days old — snoring away in squeaks and snorts on my lap. She is a wonderful sleeper, as long as she is held. As she is Baby#4, I feel no resentment at being trapped on a bed, cuddling her while she sleeps — these days will pass all too fast.

Miss Vee

Yesterday was the last day I snuggled an 8 day old.

Tomorrow will be the last day I will cuddle a 10 day old.

I am counting down these precious “lasts” one moment at a time, filing them away in my memory to savour when she is older.

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There are some things in life for which one must wait. Miss Vee’s entrance into this world, just before midnight on the 25th of February, at 41w2d, was one of these.

Waiting is impossible when you are ready for something to end, and even more impossible when waiting for something better to begin.

The potted hyacinths in our bedroom were purchased and replaced four times over. The irony of watching forced bulbs grow, bloom with the promise of Spring, and then wither while waiting for her birth was not lost on me. There is only so much you can do to force the narcissus — in the end, you must still wait for the bud to open.

I would like to say I could write up a detailed birth story for her, but the truth is I can’t.

Miss Vee

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Today I am 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my 4th child. It was never supposed to get to this point. In my mind, #BabyTheLast was supposed to scribble an “I wuz here” on the uterus wall and make her escape around 38 weeks.

Alas, she seems to prefer hanging out on the inside when I’d much rather have her on the outside.

Babies can be so inconsiderate.

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