I don’t write much about breastfeeding. In fact, a quick search of my blog only uncovered two breastfeeding-specific posts. One was about my older boys’ curiosity about their baby brother, and the other about extended breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is just something I do with my babies. Nothing more, nothing less.

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When we bought our house, 13 years ago, the one thing that bothered me most was the scary 1960′s, water-guzzling, olive green toilet in the bathroom. It was grotesque, it used so much water, and it was so, so ugly. About 3 years ago, we replaced it with a dual flush toilet, hoping to improve our water consumption and enjoying the smaller footprint of the new toilet in our tiny bathroom.

Nobody told me how easily they clogged, especially if you live in a house with older plumbing. Nobody told me how frustrating kids wiping their own butts would become. I had no idea until it was installed and we invested in two plungers, because one style wasn’t always enough to do the job. No cushy Cottonelle allowed in this house!

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I love ginger cookies. Gingersnaps are the perfect accompaniment to a fresh pot of tea. My favourite ginger cookies, however, are the ones that are crispy on the outside and wonderfully chewy in the middle. My kids love these — the tin has been emptying as fast as I fill it! This recipe make approximately 3 dozen cookies.

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My favourite childhood memories often involve being holed up with a book somewhere — on the beach, in a tent, in the chair in the corner of my parents’ living room while the rain poured outside. The love of a good book is a gift I want to pass along to my boys.

Every year, I take a great deal of pleasure in planning what books will be under the tree on Christmas morning. I start making my long list in January, cut it in half by August, and whittle it down to a dozen or so by November. Every year, I wait — watching them open them — to see which one they start first, which ones they can’t put down, and which ones linger until everything else has been read. I like to see if I’m right. I take note when I’m wrong.

Under the tree this year:

1. The Maze Runner Trilogy : My 11yr old is a big fan of The Hunger Games, and whipped through them faster than anything else I’ve seen him read. He started reading this trilogy on Christmas Day and finished the trilogy 2 weeks later.

He loves it and insists that I it is my turn to read it (which I will). He’s a big fan of dystopian literature.

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