You were drunk and sweaty, and reeked of cigarette smoke. You were wearing a red shirt and a medal. You were walking with a friend. It was late afternoon and the rain had stopped, the sun making the air sultry with humidity.

I was on my way to the store to run an errand after work.

I was wearing my baby in a carrier on my chest. I was watching the post-run competitors walking past me, each in their own happy group of friends, laughing and chatting about their day.

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I don’t write much about my 13 year old because I respect his desire for privacy. In return, he accepts that there are times when I will mention him, or share a picture. We have an understanding on this subject and I don’t push it.

He wants, and deserves, his personal space.

This last year, I have been watching him move into teenagerhood — becoming a “proto-adult”, as I refer to him — and it has been exciting and bittersweet to see. I admire the personality into which he is growing, and I have no worries about him getting lost in his peer group. He is comfortable in his own skin and I respect how well he knows himself.


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I am lumping all summer into this one update. We were here, there and everywhere, and September always feels like a fresh start!

I’m back to walking in the evenings, which is great. I am better about making sure I meet my water goals, and mostly watching what I eat. I went outside my comfort zone and bought a swim suit that shows way more of my chest than I would normally allow. I have returned to meal planning, which means fewer last minute, less nutritional meals for me and my family.

Big disappointment this morning when I logged into FitBit to log my measurements:

They did away with the option of logging body measurements on their site (along with 1.5 years of my data) without adequately warning their customers.

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A solid, easy, multipurpose dumpling recipe is indispensable, in my opinion. It can be used to top a savory meat stew, but can also transform some cooked fruit into a delicious cobbler.

This is my favourite dumpling recipe. It can easily be doubled or halved, depending on need.

Chicken stew and buttermilk dumplings – simmered covered on stove top for 35min.

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