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Today I am 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my 4th child. It was never supposed to get to this point. In my mind, #BabyTheLast was supposed to scribble an “I wuz here” on the uterus wall and make her escape around 38 weeks.

Alas, she seems to prefer hanging out on the inside when I’d much rather have her on the outside.

Babies can be so inconsiderate.

40w3d (more…)

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Warning: this post is a bit of a bummer.

According to my favourite due date calculator, I am 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant today. This is the final part of the final stretch.

30 weeks

The thing is, I wish this stretch was over already.


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In the last few days before a birth it feels as though the world is holding its breath. Everything around me is muted, like a city sleeping under a heavy snowfall, like 3am — the sounds and colours and movement are there, but slowed, quieted, muffled. The world waiting for a bringing forth, like bulbs thrusting through the cold, barren earth in early Spring.

In the final hours of preparation, I am pulled into myself…


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I love music — LOVE MUSIC — there is very little I won’t happily listen to, in the right mood. As a teen, I was a huge fan of the mix tape. As an adult, that translated into mix discs for friends. Many a road trip has featured a carefully-crafted mix-disc (or twelve).

Why should homebirth be an exception?


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