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Sorry to keep you all in suspense, but I had a good ultrasound (for the most part). There’s a real live baby in there, with a real live beating heart. Yay!

That said, I’m still not totally stress-free about this whole pregnancy thing. The baby measures 9 days behind “dates” — I typically ovulate late, so this isn’t necessarily “abnormal” — but has a good strong heartbeat. I will feel better when this u/s is followed up with the midwives and I can see that growth is remaining consistent, though. My EDD based on gestational age is May 18, 2010.


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Today is a red letter day for me, despite the threatening migraine lurking in my right temple.

Today I found a copy of Season 2 of Don McKellar’s animated show Odd Job Jack in a bargain bin for $7. Much like my deep-seated lust for Jim Cuddy, I also cherish a special tendresse for Don. I have loved him since 1993, when I saw Highway 61 for the very first time. Who couldn’t fall in love with a naive Canadian barber unwittingly transporting a cadaver -slash- drug mule on the ultimate road trip to the American deep dark South? And then Twitch City came along and he gained a piece of my heart forever..  Suffice to say when the DVD releases of H61 and TC were announced I pre-ordered them on Amazon months in advance and nervously sat nibbling my fingernails as the release date was pushed off again and again, fearing the worst.  *Ahem* I do believe I am getting a tad sidetracked..

Today also marks the date of my very first submission to my very first craft sale. (more…)

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