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One more day before the kids are set free for summer. One more day before I actually have to have plans (and, oh, I have plans.. but they’re not entirely organized yet). One more day to make sure we have all the phone numbers and contact details to keep the boys in touch with their friends over the summer. One more day.


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I don’t know what you’re doing tonight, but I know what I (and a few more of the Ottawa Blogging Chix) am doing!

I’m going to be strapping on some roller skates–“quads”, by the people in the know–for the very first time at a roller disco supporting the Ottawa Roller Derby. I’m really excited–especially as I found a “pair” of skates for myself today. Actually, using the word “pair” is being rather kind as they’re two different brands of skate in the same size for opposite feet–but, despite not looking precisely the same, they fit and they work and that’s all the matters in the end! After all, it would be pretty foolish to complain about working skates when they only cost $6.

Heck, for $6 I’m amazed they were both the same size!

If you’re interested, details can be found via Facebook (Roller Disco). The official website for the Ottawa Roller Derby is on MySpace:

Tonight’s event:

Name: Roller Disco
Tagline: A rockin’ evening of roller skating. Featuring DJ Billy spinning old school hip hop to R-n-R
Host: Ottawa Roller Derby

Date: Saturday, June 23, 2007
Time: 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Location: Brewer Arena (near Bronson & Sunnyside)
Street: 210 Hopewell Ave
City/Town: Ottawa, ON

Hope to see some of you there! I’ll be easy to recognize. I’ll be the brunette sitting on my butt in the middle of the rink most of the night! šŸ˜‰

ETA: Boo. I’m totally bummed! The city cut the power to the arena, but didn’t bother letting anyone know. They won’t let us use the parking lot instead because we don’t have a permit. I was really looking forward to this! šŸ˜¦

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