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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

For the record, I love early Christmas presents — particularly of the sci-fi series 2 variety, featuring space!whales, Death-murdering zombies, and lots of hot man-on-man snogging.

I also love my husband for noticing that Costco had them in and asking me if I’d like it for Christmas. šŸ˜€

I particularly love him for not making me wait until the 25th to start watching it!


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Yeah, I know. I’m sad. You love me for it, though — right?

I tuned in online for, downloaded in mp3, converted to wma, and listened on my stereo to “Lost Souls” this morning. It made for the most exciting laundry-folding experience I’ve ever had. FYI, the mp3 can only be downloaded until next Wednesday — it’s free, so well worth the download for Who/Torchwood fans.

I won’t post my reactions to it, as it’s rather spoilery for those of us here across the pond who haven’t seen the 2nd season yet. It is a lot of fun, though, and great to picture it in my head instead of seeing it on-screen.

Now I’m curious what else the Beeb has free for download..

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Last night I had a dream It was very real, quite intense and (upon waking) both amused and perplexed me. I may need to cut back on the scifi I’ve been immersed in lately. I can’t remember it all, but I feel obligated to record what I can recall here for everyone’s amusement (bemusement? šŸ˜‰ ):

I was in the field with Jack and Ianto (Torchwood — god, I hope I wasn’t supposed to be Gwen :p ), investigating something that fell through the Rift. It was night time. The readings were really weird and we were all a little twigged about what we might find.


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  • mix discs (yes, how junior high is that?)
  • slighty scruffy men in really nice, yet rumpled, suits (ok, I’ve been watching a bit much of TW, S1 lately LOL)
  • completely unexpected compliments
  • older swing/jazz stuff like Cole Porter, Gerswhin, Ellington, etc
  • people who like to sing along to them as much as I do
  • quiet 3am conversations
  • impromptu inexpensive gifts –neat vintage books, a silly old bottle, an abandoned photo rescued from a thrift shop, an old box, a wooden spool of thread.. stuff that shows someone was thinking about the things I really enjoy
  • crisp fall mornings with a warm spash of sunrise and the crinkly scent of dry leaves

These are just a few of the things that make me a tad weak in the knees. What does it for you?

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