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Three is a tough age: big feelings, small vocabulary, big ideas, inability to adequately put ideas into words, big enough to not be a baby, not big enough to be a big kid. Big attitude in a little package.

obi-suckerThree has its rewards, though. I love the way three year olds see the world. I love how they speak with their hands to back up the words they can’t quite pronounce. I love how they will use 20 words to describe something when they can’t remember the 1 word for it.


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Yesterday was really foggy here in Ottawa. My husband was driving the older boys home from dance class around suppertime and commented on it:

DH:¬† “Wow guys, check out how foggy it is!”
Boy#1: “Wow, it’s just like Minecraft render distance ‘tiny’!”


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My youngest, now 2.5 years old received a Highland cow family (Schleich — awesome animal toys) for Christmas, as his uncle has the real deal on his farm. He’s playing with them on the couch right now, and they’re having quite the conversation (note: “na” is Boy#3’s word for breasts/nursing):

Mommy Cow: “You Daddy cow? You haf penis?”

Daddy Cow: “I haf penis. You Mommy cow? You haf na?”

Baby Cow (in a squeaky voice): “I da baby cow! I haf penis! I drink na!”


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We’ve been having a lot of the “so why don’t you marry it?” jokes going on around here. #2 has been trying desperately to catch his brother with this joke for a few weeks.

Me: “#1 loves his baby brother!”

#1: “Yeah!”

#2: “Well, why don’t you marry him?! …HA!!”

Me: “He can’t!”

#2: “Yes, he can! Boys can get married!”

Me: “Yeah, but brothers can’t.. “

#2: “D’oh!”

Better luck next time, #2! ūüėČ

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