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Random point form:

  • I love my workplace. It’s the natural parenting equivalent of a candy store. My boss is great, my co-workers are great and the customers are great. Working again — even in this limited manner — is just fantastic.
  • I’ve been off the Prednisone for less than 48hrs and my toe is already starting to become inflammed again. I see my rheumatologist this afternoon so that she can say “yes, it’s your arthritis” and “I would like you to take xyz drug every day to prevent this happening again” — to which I will respond “no thanks” and leave things essentially where they were about 10 years ago.   (more…)

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My boots won’t fit me right now. Neither will my sneakers, shoes, or flip-flops.

The only thing I can wear right now that fits is a pair of slippers, gifted several years ago, that were a size and a half too large. Fortunately, now that my left foot is inexplicably swollen to twice its size they fit just dandy.


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