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August is August, and I’ve often joked that it should be renamed “Zucchini”, as this is the month our CSA shares start being filled with lovely summer squash. When I was a child, living in rural Nova Scotia, if you didn’t lock your car doors while at church, you might come out after the service to find your backseat filled with these plentiful summer gourds.

One of my favourite soups is Sambar and is a fantastic way to use up the larger, tougher zucchini — it doubles and triples easily, freezes well, and is perfect for canning. The tamarind gives it a sweet tanginess, while the lentils and shredded zucchini combine to make it lovely and thick. Pair it with some naan bread or fresh biscuits! This recipe freezes and cans well, and the recipe doubles or triples easily.Lemon Lime Zucchini Cupcake

Want to hide the zucchini in something a little sweeter? Try some lemon lime zucchini cupcakes! I defy you to eat just one. Or swap out the beets in Unbeetable Beet Cake for shredded zucchini!


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