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My birthday is two weeks away.

Normally, birthdays aren’t a big deal for me — just another year older and hopefully an acknowledgement from my family, some cake, and ordering in some Indian food. My expectations are needfully low – high ones result in big disappointments, and I struggle to keep on top of my mood and anxiety as it is without creating the opportunity for failure.

This year is harder, though. This year I turn 40.

I have been reflecting on what this means for me, but I keep circling back to thinking about my brother. He would be turning 37 exactly two weeks after my birthday.



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As I sit here typing this, I am listening to Miss Vee — 9 days old — snoring away in squeaks and snorts on my lap. She is a wonderful sleeper, as long as she is held. As she is Baby#4, I feel no resentment at being trapped on a bed, cuddling her while she sleeps — these days will pass all too fast.

Miss Vee

Yesterday was the last day I snuggled an 8 day old.

Tomorrow will be the last day I will cuddle a 10 day old.

I am counting down these precious “lasts” one moment at a time, filing them away in my memory to savour when she is older.


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We’ve a bit of a Doctor Who thing happening here this year, so it was only natural for my now-10 year old to request a TARDIS cake for his birthday.

And not just any old TARDIS cake — a 3D TARDIS cake!

While my execution could use refinement (a side effect of making things up as you go along, like I tend to do when assembling birthday cakes and Halloween costumes, and pretty much anything else I create), and I learned a very important lesson — the Heart of the TARDIS is not, in fact, custard — he was impressed with the results.

I, however, fully expect to see this one posted to Cake Wrecks!


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