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Bluesfest is on in Ottawa right now and I’m planning to catch Crowded House for the first time ever next week. I’ve loved these guys as long as I’ve loved Blue Rodeo, listened to their greatest hits album on repeat while in childbirth, and refuse to miss this concert despite DH being suddenly unemployed.

Boy#3 is just shy of 8wks old and evening is his “fussy time”. He’s only ever nursed and this suits both of us just fine, really. The running theory has been that I would leave a bottle (or three) for him and head off to the concert for the evening. In anticipation, I prepared a few ounces in a bottle for him tonight.


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I’ve been quiet on the blog front for a bit — busy with vistors, work, and other stuff. Thus, I shall do one of those convenient point-form posts to catch you all up on what’s going down in my life:

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