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My 11yr old finally wore me down, and I’m glad he did. I just finished reading The Hunger Games Trilogy (Suzanne Collins), and I think it might be tied with Percy Jackson and the Olympians as my favourite series discovered this year.

Without getting into spoilers, the first book grabbed me right away. I loved the main character, Katniss, for her strengths and weaknesses. The fact that she does have significant weaknesses was what made her believable for me. The concept of the Hunger Games competition seemed quite dark and violent, but was presented in a tween/teen-friendly way — it was easy to see how the detail and gore could have been ramped if written for the adult crowd, but I didn’t feel like anything was lost by focusing more on the character than the events in which she was involved.

Have I mentioned how I love that the protagonist is a girl and my 11yr old boy *still* loved this series?


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I love to read.

When I say I love to read, what I really mean is that I love to read. This year has been light on content, but high in quantity. Years past have been the reverse. I don’t discriminate between genres. Very little is too fluffy or too heavy for me to devour. I’ll read just about anything.

This is what makes it particularly hard for me to decide not to finish reading something.  (more…)

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A little list of things currently making me smile:

  • Free books — I just “won” my first two books through LibraryThing and am eagerly anticipating their arrival. I’m also having a great deal of fun randomly adding to my library from books that I own and books that I’ve read — it’s a pretty scattered combination at this point of library books borrowed and read, and stuff I actually own. When I tire of trolling the groups and people’s libraries, I review a couple of the things I’ve listed in my own. It’s fun and essentially no-pressure. I’m finding myself thinking about the fun I could have with a CueCat. 🙂
  • Indian food — made two really yummy new-to-me recipes last night and had leftovers for lunch. So. Much. Yum.
  • Miniatures — I used to collect them as a child, and made some too. I was poking around Etsy and found some things that lead me on a four hour trip down memory lane, reading some of my miniature design books and (kind of seriously) thinking about constructing a miniature building of some sort. I think I’d have a lot of fun with a miniature cake shop. Or green grocer. 😀   (more…)

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So much to say, such a short attention span:

  • Heading out to Ukiuk tomorrow night with Auntie H and the kids, maybe DH also. I saw it before the Jim Cuddy show and it was pretty fantastic. I want to show the kids so that I can explain that it was actually someone’s *job* to work on something that awesome and inspiring.
  • Disassembling shelving and reassembling it elsewhere, and sorting/sifting through the resulting ephemera seems to be for me the female equivalent of male “ripping and tearing” projects that inevitably commence with the onset of Spring. I relocated another bookshelf and spent a happy afternoon filling it up again.
  • I scored a 1.5L Pyrex bowl to complete my set as far as bowl sizes go, but it’s the wrong era. It will do, though, until I get the red bowl — at which point I will regift it to someone who enjoys retro kitchenware as much as I do. I’d really like to get ahold of some pieces of the ‘Primary Colors’ refrigerator dishes.          (more…)

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