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This year for Halloween, my older boys (now almost 9 yrs and 11yrs old) blasted me with scornful glares when I suggested helping them with their costumes.

As the creator of the epic Vampire Zombie Robot Dragon costume (glowing fangs!) from years 2008-2011, I was momentarily heartbroken, until I remembered up-and-coming Boy#3 who, at 2.5yrs, is just entering his Halloween Golden Era.

I tossed around a few ideas with him, but the one that seemed to excite him most was Bacon. As his father is the 1st Place winner of the 2011 Hart & Thistle Bacon-Off, and as my 2yr old is such a ham, it seemed a remarkably appropriate choice.

We live in Ottawa, ON, so all our costumes have to be able to a) fit over winter coats, and b) be water-resistant. Armed with little more than an idea, and not a whole lot of time, I headed to the fabric store…



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This post has moved –> DIY: Hillbilly Washing Machine

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