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My head and my heart aren’t on speaking terms right now. They’re engaged in battle with each other. I’m not sure there will be a winner.


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 Credit: Trish Robicheau  -  Image used with permission.

Credit: Trish Robicheau – Image used with permission.

There are moments in all our lives from which we cannot go back, moments that leave us forever changed or transformed, points of metamorphosis that we can rail against or embrace.

Pregnancy is one of these thresholds; birth is a doorway through which no woman emerges unchanged. (more…)

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I’m 32 weeks today — I’m only about as big as I was when 6 months pregnant with the boys, am in different head space, and am getting the overwhelming urge to purge.

As excited as I am about this little guy, it seems weird to know I’ll soon be back in “baby land” doing “baby stuff”. I can’t help wondering if I will do it differently or better this time around. I’ve grown up a lot since having the boys in my 20’s, look at things differently, and am much more confident in myself as a person. (more…)

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