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Everything is more expensive these days, it seems, and shopping the sales only helps so much. If you’re like me and try to buy natural or organic products when possible, it’s even more expensive as they rarely go on sale at the grocery stores. Not only that, but selection of natural and organic items is rather limited in the larger grocery stores and very expensive at the smaller health food grocers.

After being frustrated with lack of choice and bombarded with the high prices, we decided to approach our grocery purchasing from a different angle. We took advantage of the fact we weren’t the only people who felt this way and started a couple of buying clubs. It’s a great way to obtain natural and organic products at a greatly reduced cost. All that’s needed are some organizational skills, and families who are willing to participate and share the work as needed. The more families involved, the greater your buying power!


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I’ve become a lazy blogger — too preoccupied with my gardening, I think, to do much more than contemplate posting. However, I’ve some stuff to share in point form:

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