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You were drunk and sweaty, and reeked of cigarette smoke. You were wearing a red shirt and a medal. You were walking with a friend. It was late afternoon and the rain had stopped, the sun making the air sultry with humidity.

I was on my way to the store to run an errand after work.

I was wearing my baby in a carrier on my chest. I was watching the post-run competitors walking past me, each in their own happy group of friends, laughing and chatting about their day.


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Spring in Ottawa is a fleeting experience. Too soon, the cold of winter melts into the heat and humidity of summer, leaving a few short weeks of warming days and cooler nights.

The Springs of my Nova Scotian childhood were longer, damper, and a gently unfolding discovery of emerging bulbs, new leaves, violets and a hidden world slowly coming back to life.

Spring, in my mind, has a scent — wet mud with a tinge of cut grass wafting on a warm, salted breeze.

The aroma of Spring holds a high note of violets and lilac blossoms, and a bottom note of farmer’s fields.

Spring in Ottawa smells like this, too, for about a week.

It’s sandwiched between the “melting stage” (dog poo, vehicle exhaust, and skating rink) and the “cook an egg on the sidewalk” stage (chip truck, hot parking lot, splash pad chlorine).


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In our family Santa doesn’t fill the stockings, our family members do. We have a lot of fun trying to find the perfect little gifts to tuck inside and, as much as possible we buy them from the shops in our neighbourhood here in Ottawa.

Stumped for stocking stuffers? (more…)

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I’m persistent. I tried for over a week to score tickets to Jim Cuddy’s Intimate & Interactive CD Release Party, to no avail. I figured I hadn’t shined my horseshoe quite well enough, and consoled myself with the fact my pre-ordered copy of his new album would arrive in my excited little hands by the release date and moved on.

Or, I moved on until a friend informed me that Jim would be filming for CTV down the road from me in Westboro. (more…)

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