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Product Name: sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fleece (OBF) Fitted
Company: Sloomb Inc.
Country of Origin: Assembled in the USA
Materials: 70% viscose from bamboo, 30% organic cotton

Diaper Type: Fited, Size Large
Width of Gusset: 15cm (6″)
Height of Front Rise: 18cm (7″)
Back Width From Wing to Wing: 39.5cm (15.5″)
Weight Range: 22lbs-32lbs

Dry weight: 271g (with extra booster); 225g (without extra booster)
Saturated weight**: 806g (with extra booster); 679g (without extra booster)
Absorbency: 616g (with extra booster); 535g (without extra booster)

Approximate Cost: $25.95 USDsbish OBF (large) - Sprout


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