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We natter on endlessly about how life is all about the little moments, the small things, those fleeting moments of kindness, but beyond the triteness how many of us pause to put those ideas into action?

I’ve had a helluva a bad month — one I’m not ready to talk about yet — and transient moments of compassion have helped me keep it together when I feel like everything is falling apart.

On a particularly bad day, a nameless someone did a drop and dash at my door:


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So much to say, such a short attention span:

  • Heading out to Ukiuk tomorrow night with Auntie H and the kids, maybe DH also. I saw it before the Jim Cuddy show and it was pretty fantastic. I want to show the kids so that I can explain that it was actually someone’s *job* to work on something that awesome and inspiring.
  • Disassembling shelving and reassembling it elsewhere, and sorting/sifting through the resulting ephemera seems to be for me the female equivalent of male “ripping and tearing” projects that inevitably commence with the onset of Spring. I relocated another bookshelf and spent a happy afternoon filling it up again.
  • I scored a 1.5L Pyrex bowl to complete my set as far as bowl sizes go, but it’s the wrong era. It will do, though, until I get the red bowl — at which point I will regift it to someone who enjoys retro kitchenware as much as I do. I’d really like to get ahold of some pieces of the ‘Primary Colors’ refrigerator dishes.          (more…)

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