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Back in 2007, when he was 3.5yrs old, Boy#2 decided to be a robot.


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#2: (wailing at the top of his lungs and wearing his robot hat) “Push dah SWITCH!!”

#1: “I don’t want to. So there.”

#2: (almost indecipherable screeching by this point) “YES! YOU PUSH DAH BUTTON NOW!!”

#1: “Oh fine.” (makes switch-flicking motion near #2’s back) “There.”

#2: (happy again — starts marching around the room) “I. Am. A Robot. I. Am. A Robot. I. Am. A Robot. (…)”

#1: “You. Are. A Goofus. You. Are. A Goofus.”

Both kids collapse into piles of giggles.

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