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13 months. Obi is 13 mos old now. Where has the time gone? He’s still my “dainty” baby — clocking in at 40th percentile for weight, and the 75th for height and head. He’s running, climbing, had a wicked sense of humor and loveloveloves playing with other kids. No sooner did he chunk up, then he started to slim down again. He likes to climb onto the couch, then scale the back and turn on his father’s computer speakers and listen/dance/sing to whatever comes blaring out of the speakers. “Mama”, “up”, “Pop pop”, and “cat” are the words he uses most. He has 13 teeth to go with his 13 months.

Where has the time gone?


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Quick Update

This will be short, as I’ve already spent too long at my computer — it’s making me feel seasick.

The surgery on Thursday went as well as expected — thanks for the well wishes. There were no cysts to remove, though given how my week prior to the surgery evolved that was not at all a surprise. If I hadn’t had this surgery booked, I might have actually given in to that inner voice and gone to the Emerg at the hospital earlier in the week. Hopefully I won’t have to experience anything like that again anytime soon.

My doctor did find extensive endo and lasered it — I don’t really know anything more specific than that at this point. I see her again in early Nov.

FYI, I won’t be on my computer so much this week. I’ve been battling nasty headaches since the surgery and am finding the computer is making it worse. Today is my first day back on. :p

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It’s been a couple of ReallyBusyWeeks since my last post. I’m going to do a half-assed pointform recap here and reserve the possibility of more fleshed out posts on a couple of the things for when the kids finish school. šŸ˜€

  • The family and I loaded up our minivan with kegs, bikes, and camping gear and headed down to Camp Pascobac on Belleisle Bay for Big Strange New Brunswick Brew — an annual tradition for a motley (and terribly fun!) group of home brewers. It was a blast — we all got tanned, enjoyed great food and fresh air, the adults got some great beer and cider, and I actually got to socialize this year. Last year, #2 was a bit too “busy” so I confined the boys to the beach for the day and hung out there — very few people even remember seeing me! We’re planning to go for the whole week next year.
  • #1 (age 6) has learned the basics of multiplication and is driving me batty by putting it into action and constantly asking me if he has the right answer. It’s really cute, rather amazing to me, but incredibly annoying!
  • (more…)

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