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This past weekend was alternately busy/slow/productive/fun. I went out with my high school BFF Friday night to catch Jim Cuddy on the Canal for Winterlude — a conveniently-timed concert, the day after my birthday, by my all-time favorite Rock God EVAR! We then headed to a pub on Elgin and spent the better part of 5 hours chatting, laughing, reminiscing, and talking about future plans before heading home. I got in around 2:30am, a little drunk, kind of tired, but strangely refreshed and very happy. She and I don’t do things like this often enough, IMO.

The next day I hung out with my youngest while my oldest was shuttled around to his various martial arts classes. #2 and I headed out grocery shopping after supper — which is always a lot of fun with him. As soon as we entered the store, he was asking if he could go see the lobsters and was off like a shot — standing there watching them while I completed most of the shopping. He insisted on introducing me to them before we left, as he had named them while I was doing my errands.


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