Admittedly, I am wound a little tightly this pregnancy. Paranoia about something going wrong coupled with my lack of quality sleep makes it harder for me to step back, take a deep breath, and tell myself “everything is fine — chill the heck out.”

30 weeks

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You want to know something? I understand why the CBC brass reacted the way they did to the in-house allegations about Ghomeshi. I don’t like it and I don’t like that they tried to cover up their knowledge when his house of cards started to crumble, but it’s no different than how any other organization that has dealt with this guy has handled themselves.

There is knowledge of his behaviour that apparently stretches back 20+ years. People knew what was going on, but time and time again were willing to turn a blind eye. There were lots of opportunities for someone to step up and protect women, or at least not condone and cover-up his behaviour. The CBC is not the first to avoid doing it.

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This soup, adapted from the Best of Bridge series of cookbooks, was a staple when I was growing up. My mom used to make double batches and store the extra in 2L ice cream containers in the fridge, and we would happily live off leftovers until it was gone. When we were little, my brother told me that finding the bay leaf was lucky — that idea has carried forward into my family lore.

Hamburg SoupIt is a hearty, inexpensive meal — a great way to stretch the food budget a little bit further — and is quick to throw together. Just be sure to leave enough time for it to cook! I like to serve it with fresh bread — there are many no-knead bread recipes that can be prepared over the same time frame as the soup.

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Right now you are sound asleep next to me in the bed where you were born, snoring softly in the darkness — a rare “sleepover”, courtesy of a Scouts trip the rest of our family is on. I’m not sure who enjoys our weekends together more, you or me, but I do know this is the last one that will be just the two of us.

In February, Baby-The-Last will make her appearance and you will take up a new rung on the ladder of our family.

Sometimes I worry that you will feel supplanted or pushed aside — you have been my near-constant sidekick for more than 4 years now, even coming to work with me as a newborn until this Fall when you were finally old enough to start school. In our not-so-small family, you and I have had a connection so different from the ones I have with your older brothers. I treasure it and I don’t want it to change.

Life moves on, though, and nothing stays the same.

I want you to know how I treasure your independence and your amazing ability to entertain yourself. You are like sunshine. Your sense of humour and the way you see the world from your shorter stature are highlights in my every day. You have a knack for cheering me up that I don’t fully understand — the rest of your family could take lessons from you. You are not concerned with making friends because as far as you are concerned everyone is your friend. You are my daily reminder to face the world with a sunny disposition and that genuine enthusiasm is highly underrated.

Age 4.5

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